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The Visionaries Trilogy

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Click the PDF Download Button for a First Look at the Foreword & the opening 4 chapters  

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Towards the end of the the two year development phase for Visionaries, I suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that there was so much more that I could be explaining to the reader as well as illuminating them with the progression of the story line. 

If I elected to try and embed it all into the one book, then I felt it would make it too lengthy and moreover it would alter the pace of the story.

So I began to sketch out the ideas for a prequel which would explain how Magdalene, one of the key characters, has been living her life here on Earth. This would have a natural lead into the opening sequence of Visionaries.

That left me with the thought of 'well what happens next' as I was feeling more and more compelled to leave the ending of Visionaries as wide open as I could, so this fueled the idea of writing a sequel.

I'm very pleased with my debut novel and am equally as excited and looking forward to getting stuck into developing the final book in the Visionaries Trilogy.

The sequel, Planetary Union is available NOW and I am really pleased with it. So much so, that I went back and revisited the content of the debut and applied all the experience I'd gained from writing the sequel to create a Revised Edition.

The final book in the trilogy will be called Earth Ascendance and this will open with Magdalene's early life before her time here on Earth as well as jumping forwards in time to reveal what will happen on the back of Earth having formed a union with Xethenia. This will take a mammoth amount of research to complete so I would anticipate making an announcement about publication towards the Summer of 2024. 

So watch this space for more news as it unfolds!

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