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Visionaries Revised Edition Front Cover.

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About the Author

Chris Donlan

Whilst I was studying at a college in Leicester when I was 16, I hand wrote a short story, (as you would in those days without a computer that would fit on your table) which had emerged into my mind and that's as far as I got with what was to become a burning ambition nearly 40 years later to turn it into a novel. With the hindsight of life's experiences and acquired knowledge, the detail surrounding the core plot of the story has evolved and during this time I have been looking around, reading books and watching as many films as I can just to make sure that it's still unique and hopefully appealing. I am fortunate enough to live in the peaceful and rural of Upper Rissington, near to Burford in the Cotswolds.  I am blessed with a beautiful Daughter who only came along back in 2008 when I was 48. She lives with her Mum in nearby Fairford and I catch up with her on a regular basis. My partner, Jane, has been the main inspiration for helping me to focus my energy on getting my novel written and published. It would make a very visual and gripping SciFi film and I very much hope that one day I can see that dream become a reality. If anyone has access to Christopher Nolan, Neill Blomkamp or Luc Besson then please let me know as I think they would help turn my novel into a suitably impressive movie. I'm currently working hard on the final book in the series which should be released later in 2024. I hope you enjoy my books and thank you so much for your support. 

Listen to my podcast interview with Wayne Clark on Talk About It Friday, as we talk about life, the universe and what inspired me to write Visionaries, which has been complimented by the sequel, Planetary Union! 

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