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I can't actually remember how I came across this book, but I downloaded chapter one and read it and just had to buy the book. I sat down on a sunny bank holiday Monday and thought, I'll make a start on reading it. Eight hours later I had devoured the whole thing! A totally engrossing tale told in a slightly Dan Brown style, which is meant as a compliment. It would make a great film and I look forward to the prequel and the sequel. Great stuff!                                     P Champ – Bicester


The only bad thing about this is that the sequels aren’t out yet. Get this and read it, you won’t regret it                                                                                       S Bogdan  - Berkhamsted


The book is written in an excellent way with perfectly balanced action keeping readers in unceasing tension. It is apparent that the writer put immense effort into preparing the background information for the book since it demonstrates the detailed knowledge of our civilisation’s history.
What is more, it reflects weaknesses and strong points of people as the inhabitants of the blue planet.  My take on the book is that it sends a deeper message than an ordinary interplanetary story, but I will leave it for you to decide yourselves. Fantastic work from Chris! I would definitely recommend the book to read.                                                                    Tom W – Basingstoke


For his first novel Chris has certainly got a very imaginative mind, this along with good writing skills, make this a very good read. There has obviously been a tremendous amount of work done in exploring space travel and the book combines together a thriller, mystery and sci-fi posing some interesting questions about life and love.  Looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

                                                                                   Gary P - Leicester


Just excellent!! A masterful combination of no-nonsense science and a well-paced narrative, which while keeping the reader turning the pages at a furious pace, also explores some deep historical and cultural themes.  The author has managed to create and introduce the reader to a complete intergalactic society equipped with some of the very contemporary issues which we find mirrored in our own. The detailed descriptions, a story line which strays elegantly into historical and in some cases philosophical themes and the twists and turns in the plot leading to an ending that I wasn't expecting make for a very good read.                                                                           T Rabone – Japan


I saw someone write a post about this book on Twitter so I thought I'd spend a couple of quid and give it a go. I'm not a huge SiFi fan but after reading the description I thought it seemed an interesting story. Well what can I say apart from 'I'm really glad I gave it a chance'! I finished the whole book after only a couple of nights. The story is well paced, and has some excellent characters in it. Interesting to see there's going to be a prequel and a sequel coming out over the fullness of time. I for one will be buying them.                                                                         S James – Bangkok




Amazing book! I couldn't put it down.                P Jennison - London

Excellent book! Can’t believe it’s his first - but first of many no doubt! Great characters, so easy to identify with and gripping story line - I couldn’t put it down! Sign me up for the next 2 - I’m hooked!

                                                                                   S Simpson - Leicester


Absolutely brilliant, couldn’t put it down can’t wait for next book, the whole book is explained in a way everyone can understand I normally won’t read SciFi but this is quite believable. A must read.

                                                                                   Nin - Unknown




Wasn't quite sure where the story was going at the start, but I was soon hooked, immortality doesn't solve everything it seems, even the immortals can get it wrong. Left wanting to know more, which direction will the human race and for that matter Xethanti going to take? Looking forward to the sequel and prequel.

                                                                                 K Waller - Bedfordshire

Visionaries is a great read, establishing a substantial and credible world. The Authors vision is carefully brought to life and unfolded to encourage the readers comprehension and speculation of events, whilst maintaining the element of surprise. I am certainly looking forward with anticipation to the promised second and third books of this trilogy.

                                                                                 B Larcher - Chester

This book worked on so many levels. The story itself was very engaging and, in many ways, you could treat it simply as a sci-fi novel with a strong narrative. You then realise that the narrative has multiple layers, which poses questions as to humanity and our attitude to anything that is alien to us. I really enjoye dthe read and look forward to the next installment!

                                                                                 S Fisher  - Cambridgeshire

Reader reviews posted on Facebook

Just finished reading Visionaries by Chris Donlan, our local and very talented author. For anybody that fancies a holiday read without being set on a particular genre, pick up this book immediately! It has had me enticed since Monday.                                    Cllr Sean Gaul - The Mayor of Bicester

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