Chris Donlan

Whilst I was studying at a college in Leicester when I was 16, I hand wrote a short story, (as you would in those days without a computer that would fit on your table) which had emerged into my mind and that's as far as I got with what was to become a burning ambition nearly 40 years later to turn it into a novel. With the hindsight of life's experiences and acquired knowledge, the detail surrounding the core plot of the story has evolved and during this time I have been looking around, reading books and watching as many films as I can just to make sure that it's still unique and hopefully appealing. I am fortunate enough to live in the peaceful and rural North Oxfordshire village of Bucknell and I am blessed with a beautiful Daughter who only came along back in 2008 when I was 48. She lives with her Mum in Fairford and I catch up with her on a regular basis. My new partner, Jane, has been the main inspiration for helping me to focus my energy on getting my novel written and published. It would make a very visual and gripping SciFi film and I very much hope that one day I can see that dream become a reality. If anyone has access to Christopher Nolan, Neill Blomkamp or Luc Besson then please let me know as I think they would help turn my novel into a suitably impressive movie. I'm currently working hard on the sequel and a prequel which should be released during 2018/19. I hope you enjoy my books and thank you for your support  Cheers!

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