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Visionaries Revised Edition Front Cover.

An immortal race of people called the Xethanti are plagued by an evil criminal underclass known as the PiruNostram.

The mortal civilisations of neighbouring galaxies live in fear for their lives.

Janithillon can put an end to it all, but he has to overcome Nemesis, the PiruNostram’s fiercest gang leader.

His incredible journey will eventually bring him to our world in the present day, where he will meet Magdalene, who has been living and roaming among humanity for 2000 years. Together, they will change everything we ever knew about ourselves just so they can bring about a change to their way of life on their home world. 

This blend of action, history, politics and sophisticated SciFi, is fraught with hidden dangers and conspiracies from each side of the universe.

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘What would an alien race make of what we have achieved here on Earth’ or ‘Are we alone in the universe’ then immerse yourself into Visionaries to discover some answers.    

Visionaries is part of a planned trilogy of gripping, thought provoking and ingenious novels which invite the reader to explore amazing civilisations which have influenced humanity’s development  as well as reflecting on our failings and weaknesses, affording us all with hope in the face of despair.

March 2020 saw the launch of the sequel to Visionaries entitled Planetary Union. The third and final book, to be called Earth Ascendance will be available in 2024. More details and availability will be announced soon.

Synopsis of the debut novel

Praise on Amazon for Visionaries

"Amazing Book - I couldn't put it down"! 

 "The only bad thing about this is that the sequels aren’t out yet. Get this and read it, you won’t regret it" 

"Fantastic work from Chris! I would definitely recommend the book to read" 

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