Here's a teaser of what's coming in Planetary Union. It's by no means the finished article and therefore very much work in progress so there will be many changes.

More to come towards the end of 2018 so I hope to see you back here to join me on the journey.

Foreword by The Author

Several days have passed since Magdalene and Janithillon made their joint speech at the hastily arranged UN Summit of world leaders and humanity was introduced to intelligent alien life for the very first time.

The burning question of ‘are we alone in the universe’ had been finally answered in truly biblical fashion.

The world had also been introduced to the incomprehensible realisation that Magdalene had been roaming the Earth for more than 2000 years, which clearly attested her immortality.

The audience at the UN were also given a glimpse into how the history of humanity has been influenced by reincarnated intelligence from sadistic criminal minds from the planet Xethenia, as well as those from more rational beings with superior knowledge. This became even more evident when they were introduced to Janithillon, who was born from a human mother, but had retained his glowing blue eyes and enhanced telepathic skills.

Having barely managed to grasp and accept what they had seen and heard; the delegation went on to witness the arrival of an alien scout craft which had emerged from an orbiting mother ship.

The crew have come to take Janithillon and Magdalene back with them to Xethenia. 

Much earlier when Janithillon and Magdalene finally met each other, they began to set out their plans to help the human race from annihilating itself before returning to their home world of Xethenia to try and accomplish the very same thing.

They have elected to bequeath the Earth with two immense gifts, which they hope will underpin the necessary changes in planetary society which will guarantee the survival of the human race.

But will those in control of power and wealth be willing to accept the price for receiving these gifts?

In a bid to help humanity face up to its new responsibilities and to begin forging inter-planetary relations with Xethenia, it has been agreed that a small team from the crew of the Earth Mission ship are to stay behind.

The aim will be to put in place a series of regular supply missions, which will bring resources and fresh personnel from Xethenia, as well as introducing a selected group of people from Earth to life on another world.

Planetary Union is chronologically the third instalment of the Visionaries trilogy and we pick up the story as Janithillon and Magdalene are formulating a series of plans which will eventually lead up to their departure back to Xethenia.

Now click on the Trilogy menu above and move your mouse down the chapter listing to reveal the opening four - I hope you enjoy them!


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