I wanted to share a useful glossary of information with you about life on an alien world located on the other side of the universe, as a means of an introduction, ahead of unveiling what I’m sure you will discover is a truly remarkable story.

Orbiting a single sun, there is a small system of six planets in the southern reaches of the Arcalladium Nebula and by far the largest of the four furthest habitable planets is Xethenia; (pron. Zetheenia) home to a race of immortal humanoid beings known as the Xethanti.

Xethenia basks comfortably in the rays of a relatively new star, which emerged from the aftermath of the collapsed sun which created the Arcalladium nebula several millions of years ago.

The planet has an exact circular orbit around its sun and the axis tilt is exactly balanced and not like that of Earth, which is slightly elliptical, with an axis angle of 23 degrees.

Consequently, the planet enjoys a broadly constant temperature with a constant season.  It is four times the size of our Earth, but because it has no moon, the planets oceans are virtually free of tides and are very serene, with the sun being the primary gravitational influence.

The planetary orbit takes around 20 hours to complete and the orbit around the sun takes 300 days. Xethantians count orbital days and years and refer to time zones in the day as Rise, Median, Set and Rest. Days are measured in Cycles which start at 1 through to 300 each year, referred to as an Orbinar.

Xethantians can easily live for three thousand years and as a result, the population has grown to 30 billion people; none of whom can be killed or destroyed. They are the only known immortal life-form.

They never fall ill or require surgery; as the body cannot be invaded by any means, so there are no hospitals to treat the local populace, other than smaller clinics where females can give birth. Medical and care facilities only exist to serve the needs of non Xethantian workers and visitors.

Scientists believe that a combination of the rich energising radiation from the sun and more importantly, the existence of an indigenous substance found in the planetary soil known as Synexillum, have contributed to the evolutionary change that has led to Xethantians becoming immortal.

Their bodies are encapsulated by an invisible, organic, self-sustaining layer of enriched Synexillum which is known as the “uniform’. They are born with it and it protects them from anything internal or external that could threaten their existence or wellbeing. They cannot even harm themselves.

All other life forms on the planet are mortal and exist to form the thin remainders of the natural eco balance.

Very few Xethantians eat meat of any kind. As a consequence, the wildlife has a natural order of its own that is rarely interfered with.  Instead, they grow vast plant food crops of varying kinds from which they can create a number of protein-based products and supplement this with vegetables and fruit.

Anything which grows on the planet and is sustained through its water supply is also enriched with Synexillum and this serves to sustain the uniform, more than the body itself.

Female Xethantians can only give birth to one child in their lifetime.

The sex organs for both the male and the female are hidden within their abdomen. At the point where fertilisation can take place, then for the female, a horizontal crease in the skin measuring about 3 inches across, known as the Versipia, opens to reveal glans similar to the lips of the human vagina.

At the same time, the versipia in the male opens up and a tube like entrail uncoils and locks onto the lips of the female versipia to secrete sperm.

Like any birthing process, the delivery of the baby is an emotionally fraught event, made harder by the uniform trying to protect the mother from coming to any harm.

At the point when the baby emerges through the versipia, the Mother has to cut her own embryonic tube without any kind of anaesthetic. This will be the only short but sharp experience of pain she will ever endure in her lifetime.

If a member of the attending care team attempted to cut the tube, then the uniform would involuntarily react and prevent them; leaving the baby connected to the Mother, but living outside of her body.

They are able to speak within weeks of being born and can usually walk and have full motor and reflex control of their hands within a couple of months.

Xethantian children don’t attend a school in the traditional sense, but they do undergo an educational learning process when they reach the equivalent of their 10th birthday.

By then, the brain’s cerebral capacity will have developed sufficiently well enough for them to have the necessary knowledge in a wide variety of subjects streamed into them through a type of neural link.

Xethenia is a highly developed industrious world and many other civilisations trade avidly with them, so they can gain access to very sophisticated equipment, robotics, spaceships and weaponry.

Off-world governments pay handsomely to tempt officers from Xethantian security forces to join their own military divisions to form elite squads, which thanks to their immortality, means they can easily penetrate and deal with complex defence or attack issues.

Virtually all the spacecraft in this region of the universe use an advanced propulsion technology known as FoldSpace, so they can travel great distances in a short period of time. FoldSpace was developed by scientists from a planet in a neighbouring system called Quella.

Quella plays host to the Mequellium race of people. Although they are mortal, they can live up to 300 years of age. They are considered by many to be the forefathers of humanoid life throughout the known universe. Their genius is revered and sought after by many civilisations, including the Xethanti, who have very close ties with Quella.

The government of Xethenia is made up of 12 elected Senators who form what is known as the Apostophet (pron. Apossofet). These people represent the 4 quadrants that govern the entire planet.

Each quadrant has a central government building which is a tower, four miles high, housing workers and management, equipment and resources. These towers are strategically positioned at the epicentre of the poles and the equatorial zones. All communications around the planet are passed through these towers via a huge orbiting computer, around 1 mile in diameter, which also monitors activity on the planet’s surface, enabling authorities to track the movements of the population and criminals in particular.

The orbiting computer, known as XPACE, (Xethenia Planetary Automation & Communication Executive) also controls the movement of transport carriers, often at mind blowing speeds through densely packed areas of the planet.

Although being immortal, Xethantians don’t have super-human powers or immeasurable strength; so criminals can only be apprehended and detained. They can’t be corporately punished, as may be deserved in many cases, for the severity of their crimes.

In a society where people are immortal and can live for several thousands of years, there are going to be many socio-economic issues that have significant consequences on the lives of those affected.

Furthermore, in a world which is unable to control its own natural evolution, this has led to problems on a planetary scale.

Some law abiding Xethantians and criminals alike, have left Xethenia and migrated to other worlds, only to become considerably more formidable and dominating, leaving their adopted planetary authorities powerless to deal with them.

This has led to a growing galactic hatred of Xethantians, amid constant calls for an evil and sadistic gangland mob, known as the PiruNostram, to be dealt with in exchange for peace, continued trade and freedom of movement.

The early signs indicating the onset of death through age are fatigue along with frequent intense pains in the limbs and the brain.

This leads swiftly to the emergence of a coma like state known as Transition, during which the only means of communication to close relatives and friends is through telepathy.

After a period of only several weeks, the body just shuts down completely and the subject is declared as Dissolved.

Ahead of reaching Transition, many choose to voluntarily upload their “Entience’, which is the collective for the soul, the spirit and the intelligence, into XPACE where useful knowledge, experiences and information is accessed and shared with fellow Xethantians.

All trace of Synexillum swiftly evaporates, which means the body can be cremated, albeit left alone for longer than a few weeks, then it will quickly decompose into a pile of black dust.

Many Xethantians have left their home planet to seek a better life elsewhere and have settled happily on other worlds. They have blended in with other races of people; to the point of cross fertilising their DNA to produce hybrid beings. Sexual reproduction with non- Xethantians is fraught with problems, because physical consent is achieved telepathically in order to reassure the uniform that the body is not being invaded.

Inter-lifeform reproduction has led to an emerging breed of beings that; whilst they are no longer immortal, they can often have a trace of the uniform in their bodily make up, which enables them to self-heal. However, they don’t usually live much beyond the normal life expectancy of the native partner.

This is the case for all except when a child is born out of intercourse between a Xethantian and someone from Quella, where the DNA mix continues to allow the uniform to function normally.

They acquire immortality, but they also gain the unique dark blue glowing eyes associated with the Mequellium race of people.

This has consequently led to a rise in people living on Quella who are indistinguishable to those around them. These people are known as Mequexian and what follows, is the extraordinary story about the life of one of these hybrid beings, a highly revered scientist called Janithillon (pron. Janithiyon).

You may have been wondering how I have acquired all this knowledge, being as I’ve never left the country in which I live, let alone the planet? Well let’s just say, I was touched by an incredible gift from an equally amazing visionary.

© 2018 Visionaries by Chris Donlan - All Rights Reserved

Foreword - Life on Xethenia

Compiled & narrated by Andrew Heyford - Butler at Chequers Court, England & citizen of planet Earth

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