Chapter 9 - Reincarnation

It had been a very traumatic couple of weeks for Richard and Alison Jackson, now safely and moreover, securely located at a secret address in London.  

Throughout the day and sometimes during the night, they were often surrounded by a whole raft of people, be they special security, medical specialists, Government officials and a dedicated social worker, the latter of which seemed to be the only person genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the pair of them and baby William.

They still hadn’t really come to terms with everything that had happened and just desperately wanted to be given the chance to get back to their normal everyday lives.

They were being housed in a comfortable and spacious apartment, which was within the confines of a large multi-floored building and although they could see out of the fairly large windows, Richard had concluded that the outside world couldn’t see in.

He had stood on many occasions, waving frantically at passers-by and workers on an adjacent building site without attracting any attention whatsoever.

One of the biggest issues for the pair of them to grasp was the dramatic changes in William’s physical appearance, as despite only being two weeks old, he was already the size of a 3 year old toddler and every night saw another growth spurt. He could walk quite steadily and could eat and drink regular food.

He could easily hold a conversation with anyone that engaged with him and on each occasion he was always filmed and recorded, often hooked up to a variety of sensors, monitoring his brain patterns  and measuring his physiology signs, but in all cases he wasn’t fazed by all the attention and paraphernalia that came with each interview.

Dr Ian Thompson and Jenny Dempster often telephoned from the General Hospital in Leicester to speak with Richard to check on things, but once the family had been moved to London it wasn’t possible for them to visit.

A new man appeared to be in charge of matters now, a high ranking Government official called Robert Quinnell, who was able to command the attention and instruct all around him, including the Police and security personnel, who often responded with a curt “Yes Sir” every time he addressed them.

Quinnell sat opposite Janithillon, talking to him, referencing data on an iPad as he did so.  He always spoke to him with this alien name, as did everyone else around him, apart from his Mother and Father who couldn’t or wouldn’t completely recognise him as being anything other than their son William, despite all that had gone on since he arrived into the world.

“So Janithillon, it’s clear to all of us that you’re not from this world of ours, but my main concern is how many beings like you there may be here on Earth and what threat do you or anyone else pose for national security. Are your people going to come here to our planet and what threat do they bring?”

“Mr Quinnell, neither I nor anyone else from Xethenia will pose a threat to your civilisation. For the most part we are a very peaceful race of people …” but before he could finish Quinnell was hastily flicking through pages on the iPad screen and retorted with “Well that may be, but you’ve already told us that criminal elements may have been reincarnated throughout the history of humanity and who knows what may lie in store for us here in the present”

“That is true and it is with regret that your planet has been infected in this way as I can tell from the little I have seen from books and images on your television systems that it is likely that dangerous Entience DNA from executed PiruNostram criminals has permeated its way into people such as Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan and many other notable but demonic characters. However, I also hasten to add that due to an uprising on my world, Entience DNA from a significant number of very intelligent and decent citizens could also have spread to humans here too. If you look back into your history then you will see flashes of brilliance in people such as Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein and so on. So you see your race has benefitted albeit admittedly you have also suffered”.

“But why are you so different? We can see you’re different. Why are you growing at such an alarming rate? How can we detect which people on Earth have this Entience DNA and how much longer can we, as the human race, expect this to continue?”

“Yes Mr Quinnell, the questions must be endless, but let me deal with them in the order you asked them of me” Janithillon replied calmly and precisely.

“I’m sorry Janithillon, but there is so much to ask and so much to learn. We are very keen to keep the impact of what has been going on since your arrival to as close a group of trusted people as we can.     I’m sure you can imagine the furore around the world were they to finally discover that we are not alone in the universe and moreover that humanity’s history has been influenced so greatly by an alien race and not just through its own evolution”.

“I quite understand Mr Quinnell. Now the reason I have such strange eyes is because my Father was from a planet in a neighbouring star system called Quella and my Mother was from Xethenia.     The Mequellium are a very advanced race of humanoid people, some of whom have visited Earth along with people from Xethenia. I’m hoping to make contact with one of them just as soon as my higher cerebral capacity has developed itself sufficiently and ....”

But before Janithillon could continue, Quinnell barked out “Hey, hey hang on, hold it right there. What do you mean make contact?  With who?  Another alien here on Earth?”

Everyone else in the room suddenly stopped what they were doing and looked across at Janithillon, hanging on every word that followed.

“Yes a female Xethantian has been living here amongst you for around two thousand of your Earth years now. She was part of an away team travelling on an exploration visit and she expressed the desire to stay in order to learn about and observe the culture and development of your race”.

“She’s been here for two thousand years!” Quinnell gasped “Oh my God how can anyone live that long?” My God how can they live that long and not be detected?” Quinnell stood up brushing his hands through his thick black hair and walked around the room, glancing back at Janithillon and waiting for his response.

“Xethantians can live for three thousand of your years. They are immortal and they cannot be killed. This God that you speak of, are you referring to the Nazarene known as Jesus?

I would suspect that Magdalene may have met him and probably shared some of her life with him, if he in fact ever existed. He may have even been from a race of people known as the Mezzakiah. Magdalene may well have adopted or changed her name over time and moved from one land to another in order to avoid suspicion and detection”.

“Whoa hang on a minute. Stop right there. This is bordering on religious blasphemy” interrupted Quinnell, his voice raised in alarm.

“Why would it be blasphemous for me to infer that your religious God may have been a myth? Why would it be any more absurd to suggest that he may have been a visitor to this Earth?”

“Well for one thing how could he have been alien? He was born of a human, the Virgin Mary, so how can he be alien?”

“Well I’m born of a human but your point about a virgin birth is a contradiction in terms isn’t it Mr Quinnell. Even our own female Xethantians can’t conceive without the involvement of the opposite sex, so what are we saying here, that some hitherto unknown, never seen again singularity created a living entity out of nothing?”

“Look all we know as humanity, or certainly those with a faith is what the bible tells us happened. No-one has ever really questioned the basis of the story, well certainly not with any hard evidence, but it underpins everything which Christianity is based on and has lived for all this time. So if you know different what’s your take on it all?”

“Religion which pits faith against faith has been the cornerstone of mistrust and the procreator of warring factions across the known universe in which they have travelled, let alone here on your planet Earth.

You only have to look back through your history and even witness today what religion has done to your world. All religions base themselves on spiritual belief. All are supposed to be for enlightenment, peace, the better good and mutual respect, but the truth is that they are all based on fear and for some, that underpins their lack of understanding and a determination to protect their own beliefs. 

Humanity embraces religion because you struggle to come to terms with who you are and what your purpose in life and the universe around you is all about. But in fairness, how can you, when you only have a relatively short period of life. You can’t fulfil everything you need to do physically in that time frame, so you turn to religion for enhanced spiritual enlightenment. 

It is highly likely that Jesus became a prophet having been influenced by The Mezzakiah. They are humanoid beings just like you and I, preying on cultures and societies that are in the very early stages of development and giving them spiritual guidance, teachings and laws which are often misinterpreted over generations and form the basis of conflicting religions.”

Quinnell just stared at Janithillon and all around him looked on in silence with some people slowly shaking their heads in disbelief, hands raised and with an appealing look of loss.  For Alison, being a devout Christian, she just held her head in her hands repeatedly whispering “Oh My God”

“But hang on if the baby Jesus was from this Mezzakiah race as you say, then how or who created him? My God are you suggesting that Mary or Joseph or both are all alien?

“Look I know this is all sounding improbable and unbelievable Mr Quinnell, but to be fair I don’t have all the answers. Maybe when I find Magdalene, she will know more”.

Quinnell was fired up but also struggling to grasp the enormity of the conversation “But the bible states that he was crucified on a wooden cross on which he eventually died from his injuries, but later seemingly he was resurrected and spent time with his followers.  Did this Mezzakiah race share your immortality?”

“No Mr Quinnell they are not immortal. Yes Jesus was crucified, thanks to the ignorance and fear of his peers but what happened afterwards cannot really be verified as this bible you talk about is an evolved account of stories written by people that weren’t witnesses and hence why they have been simply adopted and believed over the centuries”

“Alright, but what about all these miracles that were supposed to have taken place, how would Jesus be able to achieve these things. Did the Mezzakiah have special powers?”

“They will undoubtedly have had a higher level of cerebral evolution, just like the Xethanti. As I’ve mentioned already, Humanity has only been in existence for a short space of time and together with your limited life span, then you will never experience the amazing capacity of your brain’s ability to do what you might perceive as being something incredible.  So it is likely that these miracles as you refer to them were merely illusions or at best, a demonstration of ability beyond your wildest comprehension, conducted and controlled by the Mezzakiah using Jesus as an instrument of delivery”

Quinnell just stared at Janithillon momentarily and then added “Do you have any idea how this world of ours will react to that kind of information; let alone the fact that you’re from another planet altogether?  There will be absolute mayhem and not all of it euphoric either.  Anyway, we can only hope that we will remain in control of this information”, said Quinnell with an emphatic concern in his voice as he looked around the room.

“I must admit this name Mezzakiah sounds very similar to the word Messiah…..” his voice trailed off as his train of thought went back to his iPad “Now Janithillon, tell me more about Magdalene”.

“Xethantian society is run and controlled on a planetary scale by a group of elders and appointed members of an elite council made up of 12 Senators that are collectively known as The Apostophet.  Magdalene is the Daughter of a Xethantian Senator called Magdala. She is a scientist, like me.  We are interested in all the forms and aspects of life, be they of our own species or that which exist throughout the known universe.  As I have already said, she came to Earth as part of an exploration team and elected to stay here and observe the pace of your human development”.

“You said earlier that this woman, of whom you speak, may have come into contact with Jesus. With a name like Magdalene, am I to assume that you are referring to Mary Magdalene?”

“I believe there is the likelihood she will be the same person” replied Janithillon nodding.

Quinnell was struggling to take in all this information. His mind was racing; “But there are rumours that Mary Magdalene had a child with Jesus, maybe more than one; so could that have been possible?”

“I doubt it very much Mr Quinnell. You won’t yet fully  appreciate Xethantian physiology, but it is a difficult enough task for females to reproduce within their own species, let alone with an alien male; added to which Xethantian females can only give birth to one child in their lifetime”.

“Right but hang on a minute… is there also a connection with this word, what was it now, the aposso, something…”

“The Apostophet”

“Yes that’s it, but it sounds like the word Apostle – there was a group of 12 apostles from our biblical era that followed Jesus. How can this name be so familiar and yet so alien?”

“Mr Quinnell there will be many phrases, names and even people that will be known or familiar to you that will be connected back to Xethenia, because of what has been taking place over your planet’s evolutionary lifetime”.

“Well that brings me neatly to asking why are you so different? Why have you and” as he spoke, he gesticulated towards Richard “your human birth Father, been able to change the physiology to the point that you can both self-heal. Why has this not been so evident historically with these other, shall we say, more notable human characters that you talk about?”

“As I mentioned earlier Mr Quinnell, I am what you might call a hybrid being. I have the genetic makeup from both Quella and Xethenia. Just because Richard, my birth father as you refer to him, can now self-heal does not mean, like me as I am now in this life, that we are immortal.  I would be surprised if other humans have not been affected in this way and have possibly chosen to conceal this ability, but equally it may be that they have merely and unknowingly acquired the intelligence from Xethantian Entience DNA and nothing more”.

Quinnell flicked back the pages on his tablet “But I thought you said earlier that the TAURUS machine destroyed all the physical and I assume, the biological DNA.  Yet we have seen from the MRI scan that your physiological make up is alien and there's no getting away from your glowing blue eyes; so how has this been possible?”

“I'm not sure Mr Quinnell, as I am unable to relive the moment when my life was terminated.  All I can assume is that somehow the intensity of the cellular breakdown process was not as destructive for me and consequently the reincarnation of my DNA has manifested itself into Richard's genes and possibly my Mother's too and this has led to my present condition”

“I can see that you’re growing at a phenomenal rate. Is this typical of your race?”

“No but I suspect this is also a side effect from my genetic DNA being blended with that of a human host” replied Janithillon as he glanced back smiling towards his Mother.

“You converse like an adult but with a child’s voice currently. So what changes can we expect?”

“I can feel myself growing Mr Quinnell. My higher cerebral brain functions are evolving quickly, so I would anticipate being the size of a mature adult in around three months”.

Upon hearing that she would be losing her toddler son to adulthood so soon after having come to terms with him not being a baby after just a fortnight, Alison wept openly as she buried her face into her husband’s chest; whereupon his eyes began to well up. All they could do was comfort each other.

Quinnell noticed the emotional outpouring and stood up. He put his iPad down on the table and walked over to Richard and Alison and spoke softly saying “I’m really sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must both feel. We’ll call it a day with the interviews for a while and give you some time together as a family. Is there anything that I or my team can do to help make this more bearable?”

Alison looked up, tears were running down her cheeks and as she snuffled, Quinnell reached over for a tissue and handed it to her “Hear allow me”.

As she dried her eyes and blew her nose, Richard spoke up “We just want to go home Mr Quinnell”.

Janithillon had climbed down from the big armchair he had been sitting in and walked over. It already looked as though he had grown a few inches all over whilst he had been talking that morning.

“I’m sorry Mother” he said as he held her hand. Alison gathered him up in her arms and hugged him, as Richard wrapped them both up in his.

Quinnell looked on forlornly and sighed, saying “I’m sorry we’ve got to go through this line of questioning and I’m sorry that you can’t go home either, but you must know that?”

Alison spoke up “Well I don’t know why we can’t go home. We won’t say anything to anyone will we Richard” as she shot a pleading look to her husband.

“We just want some time with William while we can”

“I can sympathise with all that you say, believe me I can. But the fact is that you couldn’t keep Janith, sorry, William, a secret from everyone all the time and let’s face it if they see him then people will be alarmed by his eyes and they’re going to ask questions.

My biggest fear right now is media attention and God knows what else. I’m really sorry but this is a national security issue and there’s just no way we can have this situation breached, not by anyone, not even you” Quinnell said softly, trying desperately to avoid sounding harsh and careless.

Alison looked back at Quinnell, tears in her eyes but thin lipped and tense “Well on that basis we’re never going to take him home are we?”

Janithillon hugged her and stood back to speak to both of them saying “Mother, please don’t be upset. I will be fine. I know this is a very difficult and emotional time for both of you” he went on spreading out his arms to target his words “Mr Quinnell is right. The best that could happen is that you are allowed home soon, but I doubt whether I will be released to go with you”.

Alison fell slowly out of her chair onto her knees to hug Janithillon and cried out “No, no, no” as she pulled him close.

Richard stood up sharply and was about to speak to Quinnell, but as he looked down at his wife and son; he placed a hand onto his shoulder and motioned that they walk towards an area of the room to be out of earshot.

“Look Quinnell, I’m not very happy about this and my wife is clearly very upset. There has to be something you can do to help?”

They reached the far end of the room and stood behind a series of shelves and filing cabinets and Quinnell responded in a hushed tone. “There really isn’t a lot more I can say or do Richard. I’m really sorry. The magnitude of this situation is just not like anything else I have ever dealt with, or for that matter is anything which the world has ever had to deal with. I can’t just let you take William away with you. The best I can hope for is that you’ll be allowed to keep in touch with him and see him occasionally. But in order to do that then we’re going to have to come up with a story that we can all agree to and we stick to, no matter what”

Richard thought for a moment and then he said “OK Quinnell, let’s call it a day for today as you say and my Wife and I will take our son back up to the apartment. But I need you to come and see Alison and me ASAP to talk this story through because she is going out of her mind and I’m not very happy about the situation either”

“OK Richard that’s fine you go back and relax. Ask my people for anything you might need. Catering can prepare you a special meal if that helps too”.

“A big bottle of red wine might be a good start” Richard said with a resigned smile on his lips.

Later that evening, after the whole family had dined on chef prepared food, Richard spoke quietly with Alison at the dining table whilst Janithillon was trawling manically around the internet looking for traces of what might be a link to Mary Magdalene, little realising that she was already using another anagram name of Megan D’Lameray.

“I think Quinnell plans to keep William here as there is just no way the world will ever accept him as normal, or leave us alone for that matter even if we could take him with us”

Alison replied holding Richard’s hands tightly and bravely trying to hold back the tears “Oh Richard, I hate to say it but I’ve thought of little else since we got to this place. I know he’s not a normal baby, with what’s inside him, but there has to be some of you and me in there somewhere and soon he’s going to be prized out of our hands; and then what?”

Richard looked thoughtfully into his wife’s sorrowful eyes. The past few weeks had taken their toll out on the pair of them, but he knew deep down that his Wife wasn’t coping with this situation as much as he felt he was. He responded softly saying “I know love, I feel for the lad too. This is all just so surreal. I’ve got this awful feeling that he will make up a story which protects us, whilst allowing us to go home; but William will stay here”

Alison wiped her eyes on her napkin “What sort of story love?”

“Well I’ve been tossing that one around in my head for hours and the only thing I can think of is that they’re going to fabricate his premature death, as that way all interest and knowledge about him from the hospital back in Leicester; to our relatives and friends etc will just disappear”.

Alison looked over at the sofa, but Janithillon was too engrossed in the activity on the laptop screen  to even notice her staring at him, so she turned back to look at Richard and said “My God are you serious? Do you think they could do that? What about all the records? We would have to live with that lie for the rest of our lives. I can’t even contemplate that thought right now Richard. Besides what is going to happen if we try for another child? I can’t go through all this again”.

“Yes I know what you mean, I’d been thinking about that too” replied Richard and then he raised his voice and looked across at Janithillon “Hey William have you got a minute?”

Janithillon looked over and put the laptop down on the sofa and walked across to stand next to Richard.

“What is it Father?”

Richard heaved a heavy sigh “Look you already know from what’s been said that you may well have to stay here in this place whilst the authorities carry on with their interrogation work. It is very doubtful that you will ever be able to come home with your Mum and me”

Alison started to sob on hearing Richard’s words.

Janithillon looked at her and then walked over to her side of the dining table and held her hands before saying “I know this is very distressing for you Mother, but my father is correct in what he says. My path will ideally take me away from this planet back to my home world of Xethenia and I must achieve that aim as soon as practicably possible. I’m sorry this is neither your fault nor that of my Father; but it is what I must do none the less”

Richard broke in “William” and he turned to face him.

“Your Mother and I want to know what will happen if we try for another child. Will the contaminated DNA in my body mean that we will reproduce another baby bearing all the same hallmarks as you?”

“I think that is highly unlikely Father. From what I have understood from examining my own physiology and knowing that which comes to me from Xethenia along with an appreciation of the impact of human DNA, then whilst you will forever have the ability to self-heal; then I firmly believe the gene balance will have been restored going forward”.

Richard half smiled “Thank you this will mean quite a lot to both of us”. He looked back up at Alison expecting to see a relieved look of optimism on her face, but instead he was met with a rather vacant look as she just stared at the table.

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