Chapter 10 - Departure

It had been several months since Janithillon had been taken into the custody of the high security Government service team at a secret location in London, headed by Chief Investigating Agent Robert Quinnell.

Janithillon’s surrogate parents, Richard & Alison Jackson had very sadly and reluctantly accepted that they would never be allowed to take their ‘son’ home with them and live a normal life.

Richard would be under constant monitoring by the country’s top physicians and specialist Government security advisors as a consequence of his contaminated biometric condition enabling him to self-heal.

The couple were sworn and signed to the official secrets act and would be branded as criminal traitors if they were to leak any of the truth to family, friends or worse still the media, and facing a life prison sentence apart from each other.

Richard would be the subject of endless experiments and tests at a secure hospital location for many years to come, making it impossible for him to continue his day job with the legal firm he worked for.

However, both he & Alison were to be adequately compensated which went some way to cushioning the severe blow they had been dealt and would continue to endure for the rest of their lives.

Janithillon’s incredibly alarming growth spurts over the past few months had seen him develop from a baby into a young man in that time and with it had come new challenges for the security teams to wrestle with, not least of which was the advancing ability for him to move and control things telepathically.

Providing him with suitable clothing had also been a problem, so he had been kept in a bright orange jump suit, whose sizing was evolving weekly.

It was a dull, wet Friday morning and Janithillon was preparing himself for another day of interrogation sessions by the probing Robert Quinnell.

“Good morning Janithillon and how are we today?” he pondered.

“I am well thank you Mr Quinnell and trust you are too? So what are we going to talk about today?” Janithillon replied as an apple leapt out of a bowl of fruit and into his hand, moved entirely by the control of his worryingly powerful mind.

Quinnell frowned and heaved a sigh at the amazing sight he’d just witnessed, which was also caught by the battery of cameras which were constantly trained on every movement and word that either of the two men expressed each day.

“I want to go back and talk some more about Magdalene” Quinnell eventually replied “but I am becoming increasingly concerned about this excessive use of telepathy Janithillon and I would like you to refrain from using it”

“Mr Quinnell, my destiny is not to remain here in your custody being interrogated by you every day, as I am very bored and tired with it all now. I must make contact with Magdalene as she will be my only way of escaping this world and returning to Xethenia and very soon, none of your resources here will prevent me from leaving this facility”.

“Yes I can believe that, but this worries me Janithillon, because this world is just not ready to accept you or what you stand for.  When humans fear what they don’t understand, their whole outlook on life changes and they start to panic and mindlessly protect what they feel is of value to them. I feel you would be safer if you were to remain here”.

Janithillon laughed “Mr Quinnell within the next few days, I will walk out of this facility and neither you nor anyone or anything else will stand in my way. Please have no fear for my safety. Worry more about what could happen to others, as believe me I shall not come to any harm. It would make more sense if your resources were deployed to help me find Magdalene, rather than hinder me from locating her myself”.

“OK Janithillon, let’s remain focused and calm. You know full well what I’m talking about. We can’t have someone who passes for a man in the street wandering around attracting attention from the public at large, witnessing incredible feats of telepathy”.

“That will be your call, as you humans like to say Mr Quinnell”.

“OK. OK. Look why can’t you just connect with Magdalene – why do you need our help?”

“In order for Xethantians to path each other we need to have physically touched one another and willingly accepted an exchange of a unique DNA ID if you will and that’s not happened between us yet”.

“Oh I see. Well OK let’s see if we can help you. Clearly she’s not going to be going around using her real name, because alarm bells would have been going off well before now if she had. I would suspect she’ll probably be using a disguise in the form of a non de plume, to throw off any unwarranted attention. It’s an unusual name in its raw sense, so she must have changed it completely. Equally she could be anywhere in the world, so how on earth do we find her amongst 6 billion people? What have we got to go on?”

Janithillon swept his hand in the direction of Quinnell’s iPad and a barrage of text, images and other data appeared on his screen in an instant.

“What the fuck!” Quinnell exclaimed, “What have you just done?”

“Don’t panic Mr Quinnell. Your petty toy is quite safe and undamaged. This is the sum total of my research on the matter” Janithillon replied casually “I think we are looking for a freelance researcher/historian”.


“So what name do you think she is going by?”


“It’s likely to be an anagram of her real name which is a clever enough disguise, but she will have done little to hide the tracks of her research and her involvement in some fairly high profile projects.


In fact, thinking about it, I would even go so far as to say that she has deliberately done so to attract attention .....” he mused further not really hearing Quinnell’s following words.


“What do you mean? What sort of attention?”


But Janithillon continued to think out loud “Yes of course. She wants me to find her. She knows what’s been happening with TAURUS and life on Xethenia. They must have alerted her somehow. But she doesn’t know who to look for because she won’t know me. I was only born 300 years ago .....” he stood up and started to walk around the interview room.  His blue eyes glowing even more deeply.


Quinnell watched him for a few moments then stood up and walked across to him and put his hand caringly onto Janithillon’s right shoulder saying “What is it Janithillon? What are you thinking?”


He turned to face Quinnell and stared at him for a moment before a thin smile began to emerge on his lips “I think Magdalene is trying to find me Mr Quinnell. I need a computer and two large screens or ideally a table tablet, so I can communicate my knowledge onto it”.


Quinnell paused and hesitated “I’m not too sure whether we can accommodate that Janithillon. I know you’re not a danger in the clear and present sense, but your level of security threat to the UK and for all I know, to the rest of the International community, remains alarmingly high and protocol tells me to deny you access to anything that may enable you to interfere with the resources or infrastructure of this country”.


“Mr Quinnell I merely wish to sift through what I’ve gathered in my mind and cross check it through against information held on your internet system in a bid to locate Magdalene, so please don’t treat me like a criminal or a terrorist.


I told you several of your months ago now that I wish no harm to the people of planet Earth. In fact I am trying to do the opposite and make amends for what my world has been doing to your evolutionary history.  Worse still, if I don’t succeed with my plan; then reincarnation will carry on happening to your world and may become uncontrollable”.


Quinnell studied Janithillon for a few moments whilst a war of reason raged in his head. What should he do? He’d grown to like this alien from another world. He was in awe of the power and intelligence of what was in effect a supreme being. He marvelled at the inhuman abilities, but it made him equally nervous and worried. Could he be trusted he thought?


“I’ll need to clear it with the PM first and no doubt he’ll want something in return Janithillon and I don’t just mean assurances either”.


“Then bring William Grant here Mr Quinnell and he can ask of me what he wants in exchange for what I need”.


A Day later the Prime Minister and an entourage of staff and senior military personnel turned up for a meeting with Janithillon and Quinnell. They had all been briefed some time ago about Janithillon’s detention and had been kept up to speed with the results and analysis from the many interrogation meetings.


“Now look here Mr... um sorry, Janithillon; that’s your name, right?” said Grant his head turning around in all directions to get the approval from his staff that he was addressing Janithillon correctly.


“Look what we can’t have; as has probably been explained to you, is a situation emerging which may and I do stress, MAY, lead to a complete collapse in the ability of the forces in this country to maintain proper law and order”.


“Mr Grant I have already assured Mr Quinnell that I merely wish to take what I consider to be the right and necessary course of action to protect your planet and afford me with the opportunity to return to mine” pleaded Janithillon.


“Yes that may be, but you have to see matters from our side of the fence, insofar as we have no safeguards and if we let you free, then we are no longer in control of the situation”.


Janithillon stood up and walked across the room towards Grant who was immediately engulfed by suited security, drawing on guns from their shoulder holsters.


“You are not in control now Mr Grant” smiled Janithillon, as he waved his hands outwardly in opposing directions and the body guards were flung across the room, whilst their weapons remained frozen in mid-air.


The army personnel all instinctively went for their weapons but Janithillon simply caused their bullet clips to just eject and fall to the floor, with the shells rolling away in all directions.


Quinnell shouted “Janithillon. Enough! This won’t get you anywhere!” He then turned and reached out towards Grant who fell in behind him shaking and looking nervously pale with terror.


The guns that had previously been floating into the air simply dropped to the floor in a crash and the slightly dazed bodyguards cautiously walked over to reclaim them whilst keeping an apprehensive eye on their mysterious target.


Grant tried to remain calm but spoke nervously “OK we can all see that you have an amazing gift and I’m sorry if we caused you to doubt our intentions; but these people will do all they can to protect me, it’s their job you understand?”


“Yes I know Mr Grant. Now can we please get down to the business of you providing me with a table tablet to assist in my search for a fellow Xethantian who has been living here for 2000 years?”


Clearly not everyone was fully aware of all the facts, as there was some immediate out pouring of disbelief and incredulity.


Quinnell quickly took the initiative to bring some order to the room “Please, please I can explain. It would seem from the interviews that I have had thus far with Janithillon, that one of his “kind’ has been living here on Earth for some considerable time as you’ve just heard.


I’m still finding it quite difficult myself to believe that anyone could live that long. Anyway, as you know, the planet where Janithillon hails from have been “deporting’ for want of a better word, a considerable number of undesirable immortal criminals, some of whom over time have managed to manifest their intelligence mind-sets into humans here on Earth.


This group have in turn, seemingly deported some rather clever, rational thinking individuals” waving over to Janithillon as he spoke “which is why we have also seen some incredibly intelligent and gifted people throughout the lifetime of mankind.


Seemingly during the early years of our evolutionary history an exploration vessel came to Earth from Xethenia and one of the visiting team elected to stay behind and monitor our progress”.


Grant jumped in as Quinnell paused “Thank you for that brief summary Mr Quinnell but not everyone in this room is on the right pay grade shall we say, no offence gentleman, to hear all this, let alone witness what happened” as he looked around the room at the stunned and subdued body guards who were hanging on Quinnell’s every word.


“Guards please leave the room, but remain outside. I’m sure I’ll be quite safe” he went on “Now what has all this got to do with the need for a table tablet and who is this friend of yours Janithillon?”


“She has had many names over her time here Mr Grant, but I know her as Magdalene and I need to see her in a bid to make a return to my home world”.


“Hmmm I see and why do you need to leave Earth. Are you running away from something terrible we should know about?” he asked curiously.


Janithillon laughed “No far from it Mr Grant. I want to run back into the lion’s den as you humans would say, to try and undo what has happened or certainly prevent matters from getting any worse here on Earth.


I’m convinced Magdalene has been told what has been going on as well as about my position in all this and she has sufficient technology to arrange for a transport to collect me and take me back to Xethenia”.


“I see” he replied and fell silent for a moment whilst he tried to think what he should do “You know the news of your arrival here has been nothing short of astonishing and from the reports I've read from Agent Quinnell, they have left me feeling numb and amazed. There are an awful lot of questions that an awful lot of people here on Earth would love to know the answers about and whilst I know you probably don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with all of them; I would welcome a chance on behalf of humanity to understand where and how we fit in the universe now we know we’re not alone?”


“Give me what I need and some resources to travel to wherever I need to go and I’ll see to it that you and your world get some answers and guidance, I promise you that”.


Grant turned to address Quinnell, his senior staff and the remaining military people left in the room “Please render all assistance as may be necessary to Janithillon, but do so with utmost discretion whilst exercising high security and let’s start off by rigging up a table tablet” and with that he turned to face Janithillon and with a smile he said “and get this man some sunglasses whilst you’re at it and when he leaves this establishment and make sure he wears them constantly”.


He shook hands with Janithillon whilst also gripping his shoulder and then he leant in to speak more privately “It sounds ridiculous but I feel as though I'm in the presence of a God. I hope you can help us, as I feel humanity is in dire need of it?”


“Mr Grant I am not a God or a deity of any kind. You humans are a strange race of people as you struggle to appreciate and realise that you share the same existence on this planet and if you are to change anything in your lives then it has to be to work towards unity, peace and mutual development”.


“Tell me about it” he replied “but where do we start? I’ve tried everything from diplomacy to defending the oppressed, but without much success. I really need a symbol of hope”.


“There will come a day Mr Grant when this world of yours will unite to save itself from oblivion. Only when the odds are completely stacked against you and life seems on the verge of extinction, will the true values that make the human race what it is, suddenly come forward to symbolise all that is good and strong within you”.


“My God man!” Grant hissed, “How long will we have to wait for that to happen and what sacrifices will our country have to make in the meantime?”


“Please be patient Mr Grant; I will endeavour to provide you with that symbol” and with that Janithillon turned away and walked over to where Quinnell stood patiently waiting for them to finish talking.

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