Chapter 4 – Plot


The Lander slid silently back into the underbelly of the Mother ship and the skin of the outer hull reformed itself like paint being poured into an empty tray.

Everyone departed and made their way to the command deck, where they were greeted by the flight officer Moraquai and a couple of the Mequellium scientists who had travelled with the Xethantian team.

“So what’s the plan” asked Moraquai “Are we setting off for home now”?

Magdalene was about to answer but deferred in favour and respect to Commander Auralek who announced the agenda.

“No we are not leaving just yet. Magdalene and a small team of our on-board PPF (Planetary Protectorate Force) will be taking one of the Landers and embarking on a series of small missions to disrupt and disband a group of disturbing gangs who traffic illegal drugs to vulnerable humans. They will also be tracking down a large number of extremely wealthy individuals in a bid to normalise them back into the very society which they have so far managed to completely control for their own avarice and satisfaction”.

Magdalene smiled and nodded her approval and followed on by saying “Thank you for that assessment Commander. Yes we have informed the leaders of this world with our intentions and we are confident that the people of Earth want and deserve a better life than that which they have right now. They understand and accept the immense value and benefits that our gifts of fusion power and the cure for cancer can bring, unlike many of their leaders, who can see no further than the balance in their own bank accounts.

So, we need access to data intelligence to help us locate people and assets, be they property or money and in order to do that we need to tap into a network of computer servers, which I hasten to add are crude by our standards, but fairly functional, both on a widely accessible system they call the internet, or via a much more sinister, encrypted system know as the dark web”.

Commander Auralek responded first saying “Very well Magdalene, I think we should task Moraquai here and the two Mequellium scientists with getting underway with that, but can you give us some examples of their computer systems, which we can begin to hack into as a starting point”?

But it was Janithillon who stepped in at that point, as he was feeling a bit left out of the loop and thinking that their view of him was he was more human than Xethantian, despite his glowing blue eyes.

“OK let me show you how we can set up the ship’s interface environment because these systems are modelled on XPACE* which has advanced artificial intelligence modes of communication, which is far and above anything they have here”.

(* Xethantian Planetary Automation & Communication Executive is a mile wide orbiting computer satellite which the entire planet feeds into and is dependent on for control of transportation, communication, financial administration and defence).

Magdalene gave out a little laugh, whilst nodding with a knowing look on her face, which caught the brief attention of the crew, who frowned slightly as if to say ‘oh really, please tell us more’, but she didn’t bother to explain as Janithillon was already embarking on a series of steps at the communications helm.

In a relatively short space of time, he had a number of holographic displays organised in front of him, which were presenting him with a kind of 3D CGI interface, into which he could reach in with his hands and extract huge files of data and unfold them into easily readable pages containing facts, figures, images and above all passwords and mobile dialogue for anyone he wanted to look at.      

Moraquai and the Mequellium scientists, Binarin and Hemarla, looked on with intrigue and enthusiasm as ever increasing amounts of data was being extracted and placed into a virtual image of a desktop folder.

As quickly as anything was being placed there, it was then immediately being indexed and sorted with calibrated connections, which would facilitate the team being able to physically locate individuals of interest and provide them with unchallenged access to all their private information.

In addition, the on-board computer system, referred to by name as ‘EXEC’ was also being tasked with hacking into all the known government security systems from around the world, so that any intelligence that may have been gathered about terrorists, drug cartels along with people of influence and wealth could all be pulled down and analysed.

“This is looks quite simple and very basic” said Hemarla, “I think I’ve got a handle on this so I’ll set up over there” as he wandered off to another communication hub on the other side of the main deck.

Soon afterwards Moraquai took over from Janithillon and Binarin sat with him for a while longer before taking himself off to the resources bay, towards the aft end of the ship.

“So what have we got to go on at this point” asked Magdalene eagerly.

“Well there’s a couple of rather nasty characters holed up just outside of a town called Nuevo Leon, in northern Mexico, seemingly enjoying themselves in a rather elaborate ranch style complex” replied Janithillon slowly as he pieced together the facts from several different files he was looking at.

“Hmmm Mexico seems to have taken over from the Columbians these days” Magdalene mused.

“Yeah well let’s see now. It seems these two guys between them are raking in around $20 billion a year, so they’re leading players on the world drug scene. Could be a good place to start”?

“You must be talking about Vincente Hernandez and Juan Jose Mavagusta”?

“Very good my love, you certainly know your drug barons” Janithillon replied with a wry smile as he looked up to her.

“Yes indeed. Well let’s just say that in my lifetime here I’ve come across both families and their comrades in arms, so to speak. They are pure evil, all of them and I want to see them reduced to the very peasantry lifestyle that they have imposed on everyone living around them in their very own country”, she faltered at the last few words and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Janithillon stood up and embraced her in a warm and comforting hug and kissed her on the forehead, whispering “Don’t get upset, we’ll deal with these people soon enough”.

“I know, I know” she said in-between nodding and snuffling her nose, “I’m OK, it’s just that these animals are inhuman and barbaric sadists. They would think nothing of smashing a child’s skull in with a hammer, just because they were owed money by a gang leader who was trying to quit. It’s sickening and now the world knows we’re here then I’m determined to stamp out this unnecessary and evil violence”.

Janithillon released her from his embrace and held her at arm’s length and as he focused his glowing blue eyes on her face whilst gently clasping her head in his hands, he said “Well why don’t you pay them a visit right now with a couple of the PPF guys and meter out some justice for all those people they’ve murdered”?

She looked back at him and nodded as she exhaled a deep breath “OK let’s do this” and she walked off to have a briefing with Jabrah and Proteus, who had already been earmarked by Auralek to assist with this particular sortie.

The three of them stood round a waist high oblong table which was affording them with an ultra-high definition hologram of a live-feed of the scene at the ranch. There were around thirty guards in fatigues and desert boots, wandering around the grounds armed with automatic machine guns, grenade belts and small arms holsters.

“It looks like they’re ready for a siege” ventured Proteus.

“Well let’s go and bring them one then” Magdalene replied as she turned to walk back down to the command deck.

Janithillon rose up from his desk to greet her as she came up to him, saying “So you’ve got a plan and you’re all ready to go”?

“Well no plan as such, other than we’ll cloak the Lander until we touch down near to the ranch, so they won’t get alerted to our presence too early. Obviously we’ve got nothing to fear from their guns and weapons, but we won’t be taking any prisoners other than Hernandez and Mavagusta, who I hope we can detain so they can come along with us for a ride to all their processing plants and watch us torch them to the ground”.

“Nice, but have you got any more appropriate clothing to wear, as I doubt whether the fashionable gear you’ve got on right now will look that good after you’ve been hosed down in a hail of gunfire”?

Magdalene pulled a look of disbelief as she said “Well I haven’t exactly packed for this trip and if you think about it we haven’t been back to Paris for a couple of months now, so I can only hope Commander Auralek has some combat gear in my size”. 

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