Chapter 3 – Proclomation


As the delegates began to return to the UN General Assembly Hall, the cacophony of noise both inside and out was deafening and confusing. The atmosphere was charged like electricity, with everyone fighting to be heard and desperate to force their own point of view forward to anyone that would listen.

Any hope of trying to arrest this turmoil and bring order to the proceedings had been abandoned in favour of allowing Magdalene and Janithillon to calm things down in their own inimitable style, which they did as soon as they walked onto the stage.

A growling, throbbing hum began groaning out from the huge hall speakers with a sound not unlike that you would associate with an Aboriginal didgeridoo. It was being placed there purely by telepathy from Magdalene’s mind. At the same time she was repeatedly placing words into the delegate’s heads, in their own native language, asking them to take their places so that the summit could begin.

The speakers were beginning to reverberate with the pitch and volume of the sound, but gradually as order began to take control, the sound equally began to ease off.

With the delegation reduced to a handful of muted whispers, the Secretary General, Dominique di S’Andrea, who hitherto had been appealing for calm and motioning with her hands to get the delegates to take their seats, finally invited Magdalene to stand on the raised dais to make her introduction.

She paused to look around the hall taking in the look of anxiousness that was staring back at her.

“Thank you, all of you, for returning back here to join us at the UN. I would like to start with an apology inasmuch as we are sorry that our earlier announcement has promoted so much disturbance by the people in your respective countries. I can only reiterate that we are here to help the planet and only those that selfishly need to protect their own opulent avarice and control of power have anything to fear from us.

Let me be clear with you all. Humanity is on course for destruction, be it by war, famine, selfish control of power, control of resources or religious hatred. None of these elements has any link to a natural order. In other words they are of your own creation and what you see around you in your own countries, be they poor, wealthy, industrious, or fearful, is the legacy of thousands of years of ignorance.

What we were most concerned about following our offer to help humanity, was the appalling way by which the supposed controllers of this planet reacted, for it is they that have created the resulting epidemic of fear, anxiety and desperation.

We will rid this planet of terminal diseases and cancer. We will provide unlimited and sustainable power resources to the whole world, so that no-one ever needs to be cold, be hungry or thirsty and unable to travel anywhere they wish. Your earliest ancestors migrated to far off lands using whatever means they had at their disposal at that time, but that freedom no longer exists and in its place have come barriers, restrictive movement, unsustainable costs and suppression.

This form of control is what has led to a desire to dominate through centuries of war, religious hatred and seizure of wealth.

World leaders, I appeal to you all to listen to your people. They don’t want any more war. They live in fear and depression and we are going to loosen that stranglehold of control because you have all made it impossible for them to do so themselves.

What good is a democratic vote if all it brings is more of the same control but delivered by a person leading a group, wearing a different political colour?

As I speak there are several large star ship cruisers who are at the beginning of their two month journey travelling through what we call Foldspace. They will be bringing more people, resources and equipment, so they can begin the process of constructing the fusion power reactors and a means of safely administering the removal of cancer and disease from your everyday lives.

We will show you, with the aid of advanced medical equipment, how you can help your fellow humans to rebuild limbs, repair damaged bodies and failing organs and restore them back to perfect health within minutes.

But what I hear you say, do we expect in return for these gifts and the opportunity to rebuild your lives amongst this fragile existence? Well the answer may surprise you, as I’m all too aware that there has been much talk, conspiracy and xenophobic opinion towards us, so let me be quite clear about our position once and for all.

I have become very passionate about humanity’s existence and in the 2000 years I have lived here, I have seen so much unnecessary pain and suffering that I longed for the day to come when I might get a chance to help heal this world of yours.

When Janithillon arrived his mind set was clearly focused on returning home to Xethenia and taking me with him, because all he could see in the short period of time that he has been here was the future destruction of life here on Earth.

But his view gradually warmed to my belief that we have a chance to help and that is what we would like to do. But you have to change the way this world is managed and to do that you have to change the way you run your lives and treat those around you. Not just with regard to your human peers but also towards the plant and animal life.

All life needs to co-exist here as it has done for tens of thousands of years, but what has become very noticeable is the stark disregard which humanity has shown to maintaining that eco-balance.

You have poisoned the air, poisoned the oceans, killed off entire species and reduced whole swathes of land to treeless deserts which has led to a substantial impact on weather systems and climate.

You’ve given up farming crops to farming animals with the ill thought view and narrow minded justification that this will feed your country’s populations, when in fact it just erodes the eco-balance around you even faster. It also creates adverse poverty in countries which are already poor.    

The consequences of eating too much meat and let’s face it, much of it is manufactured and processed meat, is that you have introduced diseased tissue and potentially cancerous cells into your bodies, which will inevitably lead to preventable illness and premature death. No wonder drug companies thrive on the back of this insanity.

There was a time when animals were slaughtered humanely and the quality of their flesh was to be savoured and enjoyed. Livestock are vegans and yet you have contaminated their evolutionary growth by feeding them on ground up fish, chicken and chemicals, including anti-biotic drugs, just so you can create a high yield of meat for the world to eat and for nothing more than profit.

This cruel and vile cycle needs to come to an end”.

She paused to let her words sink in and almost immediately there were groaning words, anxious looks and worried expressions emerging on the faces of virtually the entire audience.

So she continued before they could interrupt too much and dominate her lecture.

“Admittedly, this will take time to administer, but the benefits of doing so will become apparent and clear very quickly. So let me leave you with the task of thinking how to achieve that whilst I move onto talk about some other vitally important issues.

At the last summit I talked to you about money and the unfair distribution of wealth around the world, which has led to corruption, manipulative control and as a consequence this has led to entire economies being fuelled by debt.

Your monetary system is broken and it is time to consider a new approach and we would like to engage with all the world’s banks to help engineer a solution which would be fairer and more transparent to everyone and not just the few. But in order to achieve this then there has to be an unveiling of the truth and a desire to embrace a system which people can trust”.

A pregnant pause at this point in her delivery was all the excuse a large number of the delegates needed to become vocally very angry, standing up, arms waving and venting their frustration with Magdalene’s ideals.   

Robert Madison, the American President, was red faced and bullish when he shouted into the microphone “Who the God damn hell do you think you are lady? You and your blue eyed friend there are not going to dictate to me or my country as to how we’re gonna live out our lives. My view is that you should just go home and leave us alone to sort out this mess”.

There was a surprising number of delegates who rallied in support of President Madison and punched the air with clenched fists, one of whom was Vladimir Kuriyakin, the Russian President, who was quick to add his own rant in his native tongue, which no-one could understand or appreciate, apart from Magdalene and Janithillon, whose faces just bore the look of disdain.

Janithillon pathed Magdalene saying “Well that didn’t go down very well. What do you think we should do now?”

Whilst still staring at the group of noisy, ranting delegates, she pathed back saying “OK I agree, let me tell them what we’re about to undertake and then they can argue amongst themselves, whilst we leave to get on with what needs to be done. Their lack of ability to defend or prevent us from reaching targets around the world will be to our advantage, so I think it’s time we used it.”

Janithillon just stared at her and then turned his gaze out onto the delegates who, once more, were all talking and shouting at each other, in a bid to try and gain support for their own selfish ends.

Once more Magdalene had to project the deep loud and resonating hum of sound around the large vaulted meeting hall to call them all to order.

Some still stood, as others returned to their seats or simply sat where they once stood, as Magdalene took back control and continued to speak.

“We are both beginning to tire of this constant bickering. You’re all supposed to be mature adults with great responsibility on your shoulders and yet you act like spoilt children. Now hear me and take heed of what I’m about to say.

A delegation which includes Janithillon and I, are about to leave and we’re going to address what we believe is a scourge on this planet. That being the uncontrollable dominance of narcotic drug supply and the network of terrorist groups that are used to manipulate and deliver this vile trade, whilst in turn taking unelected control of entire countries which are then fuelled by fear and suppression.

If we discover along that journey, that governments, banks and other wealthy individuals have been in any way associated with these groups, then they will also be dealt with, very severely”.

At that moment she briefly picked out and focused on a few individuals, including William Grant, who were clearly grimacing with guilt and nervously looking around at other delegates in the hall to avert her gaze.

“Anyone listening to this broadcast won’t have the time to take cover and run or hide their assets, because we can travel anywhere we like in minutes and we will have the means to isolate and track any means of communication or illicit movement of money.

You have been warned.

Now I strongly suggest that you all calm down and agree to work with each other for the common good of the whole planet, so that when we meet again, we can have a constructive and beneficial discussion which will impact on all the citizens here on Earth along with the species you all share an existence with”.

And with that Magdalene and Janithillon left the stage and walked out into an enormous crowd of people who cheered, clapped and yelled their approval on the back of what they had just heard whilst it was being streamed live onto huge TV screens.   

They both acknowledged the crowd and walked calmly to the entrance ramp of the Lander. Once aboard this simply evaporated and the craft floated effortlessly, quickly and silently into the air, before turning itself skywards and disappearing in a blink of an eye into the cloud base.

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