Chapter 1 – Breakdown


Prime Minister William Grant sat staring through the oval window of the Gulfstream executive jet he was travelling in, as it flew high above the cloud base below, on route to London. He was deep in thought and his eyes were anxiously searching the horizon in the vain hope of finding the answers to all the problems that were running around his busy mind.

He thought he heard someone speaking to him, but his mind was completely elsewhere, but when the same voice asked what sounded like the same question, he turned slowly to focus on the direction of where it was coming from and said ‘Er ... sorry, what did you say’?

“I was merely asking if you were OK and could I get you anything” replied his secretary.

“Oh ... yes ... er sorry I’m fine thank you”.

Nicky Martin half smiled, ran a hand through her blonde hair and stared back at him briefly before saying “This world of ours is never going to be same again is it?”

Grant was still trying to get his mind back into focus. Like most of Earth’s population, he’d been struggling to get a grip back on to reality ever since he had witnessed the aftermath of the epic speech, which Magdalene had delivered at the hastily arranged UN summit, where the delegates had all assumed would be a discussion on world survival.

However his underlying plan which unveiled her and Janithillon as alien visitors had drawn a surprising mixture of emotions. Despite accepting them for who they were, there were far too many leaders who were seemingly more concerned about their own selfish financial well-being, than they were in recognising the enormity of the announcement and the impact it would have on humanity.

He shook his head in a bid to clear his clouded mind as he looked back at Nicky and with a sigh, he said “Yes that’s right Nicky. It won’t be the same, but I have a deep held belief that it will be for the better, but how long it’s all going to take to get where we need to be; I’ve got no idea?”

Nicky turned her attention to speak to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a young ex-City type, turned politician called Justin Hazelwood, “The world markets are still taking a battering on the back of all this aren’t they?”

“Yes I’m afraid so Nicky. We’ll need to see some stability and calm very soon. Otherwise there could be a 1920’s style depression, with banks failing, chronic food and fuel shortages and civil breakdown, but like the PM says, I genuinely believe it won’t come to that.

There might be a lot of wealthy people panicking on the back of the impact that these gifts will bring along with their vision for a unified and transparent currency, but you know, normal life has to go on for everyone else. People still need to go to work and countries will still need to function as normal despite this current turmoil”.

“I’m sure, but it’s still very worrying Justin. People’s pensions will nosedive, companies won’t be able to invest and what happens if there’s a continued run on the banks? Everything will just dry up, as there won’t be any money available, so what then?”

Grant interjected “We just have to hope and pray that the value attached to these gifts of unlimited fusion power and the cure for cancer and disease, will mean that we ... er the world ... can focus its time, energy and money on making the planet a better place for everyone.

I mean what is money anyway? For decades now the banks have been creating it out of thin air and plunging countries into an overburdened level of debt. And all so they can reap the benefits of being paid back in real currency; all of which limits the availability of the bloody stuff.  I reckon all the countries are bankrupt, not just the UK ... but everyone. Which is why we all have to pull together now ... now that we know the truth of it all”.

Nicky let out a heavy sigh and nodded with a hapless look and a thin smile on her face, “But surely there was nothing you or anyone else could have done to change it?” she said turning her head back and forth between the two men.

Grant rubbed both his hands across his face and as he pulled them slowly away he said “Well my predecessors in Government managed to sort out the country’s money problems at the tail end of World War 1, by issuing the Bradbury Pound, which was funded and controlled by the Treasury. They didn’t go cap in hand to any banks”.

Nicky frowned “Oh so how did that work? What was the basis of the funding?”

“Quite simple really. It was based on the sovereign wealth of the nation and of course back then we still had control of a sizeable chunk of the old empire, despite being a bit bashed around the edges due to the outcome of the war, but hey it worked. It really did work. It was interest free money with no dependency on the banks at all. It funded all the essential services, the schools and so on and all without the need to burden the public with additional taxation”.

“Why have I never heard of this before? What happened to it? How come we climbed back into bed with the banks then?”

“Oh I don’t know Nicky. Why do we politicians allow ourselves to be goaded and guided by people and forces of influence? They should have stuck to the principles of the system and seen it through. My God then we had to fund the second World War after that and let’s face it, nobody’s ever really been at peace since. All these wars have just gone on and on and cost the whole planet trillions of dollars in the process. Trillions that we don’t have either”.    

“Then surely this is what the UK and all the other developed countries should do to get ourselves out of this financial mess?”

Grant stretched out his arms and placed his hands on the back of his head and forced out a single burst of laughter saying “Oh if only it were that simple Nicky. I think the country … all countries in fact … are in too deep. It’s a bloody mess I know, but it’ll take someone very brave and a lot cleverer than me to sort it all out, I can tell you that much”.

Nicky pursed her lips and with a forlorn look on her face but then she rallied saying “Well weren’t Janithillon and Magdalene talking about the need to initiate some sort of worldwide crypto currency in a bid to stop the rot? Maybe you should approach them about the subject whilst they’re still holding court at the UN with all the other world leaders?”

Grant looked at her and shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, I really don’t. But let’s face it, they’re setting out their plans to leave Earth fairly soon, so I’m pretty sure they won’t want to get stuck into this mess?”

“Well you won’t know until you ask them will you? Now are you sure I can’t get you that drink?”

Grant’s head fell back against the head rest of his seat and he let out a hapless laugh ahead of saying “Oh go on why not. I’ll have a G&T. Are you joining us Justin?”

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